Written by Sajid Alimohamed on April 3, 2018
The first step to becoming a leader, is leading your own life!

Have you ever experienced a day in your life that you actually didn’t live? From the moment you woke you were on the move, working on task after task, but not accomplishing much, multi-tasking, frazzled, going through the motions and then finally hitting your pillow at the end of the day feeling unaccomplished yet exhausted and dissatisfied? Is this a daily reality?

I’ve often felt and heard people describe their life as being on a treadmill, or in a rat race, or my favourite, a hamster’s wheel: Walking and running and getting nowhere. Sometimes it just feels like there is no traction, like your wheels are spinning. We wake up everyday and go to bed every night only to wake up the next morning to do the same thing over again.
SO what’s going on and how do we deal with this?

If you’ve had it and want to see an improvement in your life then join me and let’s get you back in control of your life!

In all honesty, it’s all about developing direction and focus.

Here are 4 action steps we can all take to lead our lives and bring us more satisfaction in achieving happiness. Let’s get off of that hamster wheel and start living!

1. What makes you happy?

You may or may not have ever thought of this question but if you take 5 uninterrupted minutes for yourself right now, close your door, removed any distractions, and focus on this question: what brings you happiness? Think to moments where you experience joy, contentment and a sense of belonging. Pinpoint what makes those moments so special. For me, a lot of my happiness comes from connecting with people in meaningful ways and contributing to the success of others. I also love to experience new things, so travelling with a few close friends and having meaningful conversations always takes me over the moon. 

Happiness is different for everyone. You should know what things bring you happiness so that you can work more of that into your life.

2. Design your Destiny

Have you heard the saying “you are exactly where you need to be right now in your life” – even if it’s not where you want to be? Well, for some of us who are lacking something we want, we might describe our location in life as ‘no man’s land’. One of the reasons for this is that we probably haven’t really taken the time and effort to think of where we want to be, and if we don’t really know where we want to be, how can we take the necessary steps to get there.

The idea of a rat race or a hamster’s wheel is that we are working hard all the time but we are not getting anywhere. Well, without a vision or a tangible destination point I guess we get exactly what we aimed for. Among the common denominators of people who achieve success in this world is that they have a clear picture of their destination point. Your destination point is your point of success and it is something tangible and something that can be identified when reached.

Take some time to consciously listen and connect to yourself and your thoughts about your future destination. Think of some of the different areas of your life that are important to you and record your dreams. An example of a tangible destination point is getting married, being appointed the Vice President of the _______ department, positively affecting the lives of 50 people by helping them with _____, having a financial worth of $XXX,XXX,XXX and so forth. You will have to figure out what it is that makes you happy and create destination points which, if achieved, will bring you happiness and a sense of accomplishment. We’ll call your written destination points your GOALS.

3. Chart Your Course

Once you have decided on a few goals, set dates to achieve them and take some time to work backwards and determine how you will achieve your goals. Chart your course. Take a look at yourself and where you are today, and then picture your goals. Ask yourself what daily/monthly/yearly actions do you need to take in order to achieve what you want to achieve? GET EXCITED! If you go through with this you will be well on your way to building the necessary habits to attract your goals and to become the person that can achieve what you want it to be in the future. It’s incredibly effective and it will make you feel invigorated!

4. Establish Routine Reminders

This is the most important part of the actions to take. The best way to keep on track with getting off the hamster wheel and achieving your created destiny and bringing more happiness and meaning into your life is to setup consistent reminders and motivators to keep on course.
Get into the habit of journaling each day. Your journal could be creative or bland, it’s up to you but I suggest that it should consist of the following:

-3 things you are grateful for
-3 things you did that contributed to your happiness
-3 actions you performed that contributed in any way to your goals
-3 actions you could take tomorrow that will contribute to achieving your goals.
Further to journaling, when you begin your day, each morning invest some time, like 5 minutes, to read your dreams and envision how you would feel when you achieved them. Then go over the 3 actions you came up with the night before to further the achievement of your dreams and think of how you will go about implementing them.

If you implement these action steps you will constantly sow the seeds to create the life and happiness you are looking for and will reap the rewards.

The first step to becoming a leader, is leading your own life!

So get to it! - and if you appreciate this post or know someone who needs to read this then please share it with your friends. They will thank you.   


Sajid Alimohamed helps youth, young adults, professionals and business owners build their leadership capacity and become engaging leaders. He is an expert at helping his clients Lead themselves, their lives and the teams that they work with to have directed and fulfilling lives.
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