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We at Listening Connects are pleased to be providing a fun and unique leadership opportunity for Muslim boys aged 13-17, to increase their leadership capacity and people skills over an epic weekend experience.

This leadership program will also be accredited and recognized in high schools as part of the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Program as participants gain insight, experience and effective leadership skills required to be a leader in today’s rapidly changing world. The entire program will focus around building the skills, attitudes, behaviors, knowledge and confidence to become effective Muslim leaders in any setting.

VENUE: Lake St. George Field Centre, Richmond Hill, Ontario 
(950 Bethesda Sideroad)
Lake St. George is a partner organization that assists with offering venues, teachers and trained staff for day camps and school programs throughout the year. Their staff are trained and certified to work with elementary and high school aged students. YMCA, TDSB and YRDSB and other children and youth groups partner with the Lake St. George Field Centre to enhance their program offerings. Likewise, during this program the staff of Lake St. George will be heavily involved in running and supervising all outdoor activities.

DATES: Friday July 5 to Sunday July 7, 2019 - Overnight.
Beginning Friday July 5, 2019 after Jumuah; Drop off is at 5:00PM
Ending July 7, 2019 after dinner at 6PM

Early Bird Price Until May 20th: $313
Regular Price After May 20th: $375 per person


If you are eager to attend of have your son attend, however are not sure of your traveling schedule, contact Sajid Alimohamed via whatsapp at +1-647-458-5738 and let him know so that he can contact you as space runs out.

The price includes:
-2 nights accomodation at a secured indoor facility that will be chaperoned by adults and fathers at a rate of more than 1 adult for every 10 participants.
-Seven meals, which are halal certified with certification bodies that have been vetted for.
-6 high quality outdoor leadership activities run by professional teachers and trained staff from Lake St. George Field Centre, as well as Motivational talks and facilitations on leadership for Muslims, run by a professional leadership coach.

This program is meant for young men who are of teenagers and who:
-Are interested in excelling in life as leaders in the making.
-Want to have an enjoyable experience with friends, doing neat outdoor activities.
-Want to increase their self confidence in an encouraging, positive environment.
-Are interested in increasing their inner capacity to be comfortable as themselves and having the confidence to act according to what they know is right.
-Want to learn and adopt some of the most effective habits of successful people.

This is what participants will come out of the program with:
-Increased self-esteem and confidence in order to be who they are meant to be
-Improved interpersonal communication and people skills
-Consciousness of how great leaders think and act
-A deeper connection to nature with increased wilderness survival skills
-Great friendships and bonds with others who will be allies for years to come

Working with youth has shown me time and again that the youth face the great challenge of a fear of REJECTION everyday. It is as if the cause of all other fears - Failure, Being Left Behind, Judgement, Loss of Health, Loss of Funds are all rooted in the FEAR OF REJECTION. This is why being around the right people kinds of people is extremely important. 

STRENGTH OF CHARACTER and IDENTITY make the difference between making the right or wrong choices in early life.

By enrolling, you are improving the chances for increased positivity and movement in the right direction, especially during these challenging technological times.
About Listening Connects
My name is Sajid Alimohamed. I am a leadership coach and facilitator and the founder of Listening Connects. I grew up in Toronto, Canada in a Khoja family as a Shia Muslim. 

I have been a madressa teacher, an active member in the Toronto and Edmonton community, an English teacher and mentor living in Syria while learning Arabic, a Qur'an Tafsir teacher for youth for the Academy For Learning Islam (ALI), a leadership facilitator for youth and adults for NASIMCO, a professional engineer, and a father. 

I have a vast amount of experience working with youth: Facilitating retreats across North America for approximately seven years and then becoming a professional coach and facilitator running my own organization.

I am an expert at helping people become conscious of their personal purpose and identity. Then I help them transform their negative thought patterns and results into positivity and actions that move them towards fulfillment and true happiness. 

My programs build confidence and enable a change in mentality.

For me, if it wasn't for a few Muslim camps that I attended as a young adult, I would likely have made a number of incorrect life setting decisions that prove to haunt so many others. 

- A miserable marriage leading to divorce.
- Poor habits that intoxicate and cause depression
- A destroyed outlook and years of counselling

I feel that it is my duty to share what I have learned and give what I can in this world.   

"Sajid is one of the most influential individuals I have met. Within a short period of time he was able to create a safe space for me to open up about my personal challenges and guide me through them. Prior to meeting Sajid, I had created a lot of barriers in reaching my goals but he opened my mind, allowing me to realize my true potential. 
Personally he has given me simple yet effective advice, which has made my life more positive. I especially appreciate that the advice and guidance he gave was tailored to my needs. 
Since I have greatly benefited from Sajid's mentorship, I am confident others would too."

- Sayed Walli, Allentown, USA
"Sajid has the unique ability to pinpoint areas of strength among individuals, and put them in an environment where those strengths are best utilized. He also has the charisma that drives people to maximize their capabilities, while guiding them towards a goal. He not only personifies leadership, but also inspires leadership in others."

- Taha Kermalli, Allentown, USA
"Be it in a group or a one-on-one setting, Sajid will always listen to you and come up with meaningful questions and insightful reflections for your development. He's extraordinarily patient and willing to meet you wherever you are in your personal journey. 
-Samaah and Qasim  "
- Samaah and Qasim Dewji, Vancouver, Canada

"Working with Sajid has been both insightful and transformative. Sajid uses his expertise on leadership development and capacity building with his ability to connect with individuals in a meaningful way, to provide guidance, practical tools and to inspire change.
His sincere desire to assist others in their personal and professional pursuits deserves the highest of accolades because when you engage with Sajid, he always finds a way to connect with you and make things real.
Sajid is an influencer and role model. Just talking with Sajid inspires me to be better and do better. His non-judgemental nature makes me feel comfortable to share my insights and seek his counsel."
- Raihanna Hirji-Khalfan, Toronto, Canada

"My experience learning from Sajid has made me a more effective and mindful leader. It has helped me understand the art behind relationships, vulnerablity and couragous communication which has impacted every area of my life. Through his expertise and mentoring, I was able to appreciate the value that relationships play in community building, leadership development, and activism. I highly recommend Sajid to those who seriously want to impact meaningful change into their careers and lives. "
- Nasiba Mohamedali, Toronto, Canada

What specific activities are planned for the weekend?

Activities may include all or some of nature hikes, low-ropes course, campfires, building wood shelters, scavenger hunts, games and indoor facilitated learning.

Will there be trained supervisors and teachers for all outdoor activities?

Yes. There will be trained supervisors and/or facilitators for all outdoor activities.  Lake St. George offers day camps and school programs for children and youth throughout the year.  Their staff are trained and certified. YMCA, TDSB and YRDSB and other children and youth groups partner with the Lake St. George Field Centre to enhance their program offerings.  Likewise, during this program the staff of Lake St. George will be heavily involved in rolling out and supervising the available activities.

What are accomodations like?

Participants and volunteers will be staying in one residence building that is complete with a common room, and rooms that cater to 2 to 5 participants per room.  Bathrooms are shared and showers are enclosed for privacy.
Sleeping stations of adults and volunteers will be closest to the exit doors to ensure the safety of the participants and that no one would 'escape' after lights out. 
A list of everything and anything a participant would need to bring in terms of linens, blankets, pillows, will be provided in a separate email as the event date approaches. 

My child will be turning 13 just a few days after the retreat.  Can he register?
Absolutely!  The age category has room for some flexibility and we will be especially on guard for the protection of all the participants for the duration of the retreat. You can rest assured that they will be well looked after.  Feel free to contact me to discuss any other details you are concerned of by messaging or calling +1-647-458-5738 

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$375 per youth

Interested in Helping Out With a Contribution?: If you are grateful for this opportunity for your boys and would like to encourage more similar events for your boys as well as for the future generations of boys to come, please help us out with some additional funds so that we can reach the break even point with this event. An additional contribution will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals. We have a budgeted shortfall of $2,000. For a contribution of $100 we will contact you and have your name/business logo on the back of the participant T-shirts. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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